Hurricane shutters and panels are a classic way to keep your home safe during a hurricane or tropical storm. Find out more of how we can assist you in selection the best home protection.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters solve the property owner’s problem of what to do about storm protection for larger openings. Accordion shutters can handle trickier openings like sliding glass doors and balcony areas. They also work well for businesses with store fronts that need protection. Accordion shutters have the added feature of protecting against intruders depending on their placement and can be not only a strong protection feature but as discouragement as well.

While they are large and can easily accommodate large openings they are also easy to handle and can be operated by one person either from the inside or outside. Accordion shutters are permanent, long lasting protection for your home or business that can do double duty against both storms and intruders.

Accordion shutters also feature a range of colors and options to suit your preferences and property needs. Different types of locking systems are available and there are shutters suitable for anything from common residential windows to shutters that work for high pressure areas like high rises.

Roll-Up Shutters

Roll-up shutters are an extremely versatile and cost effective solution for property owners both business and homeowners. Like the Storm Panel they offer protection for vulnerable openings on your property and like the Accordion shutter they can also offer security that protects from intruders. In addition, they can provide functional benefits for privacy, insulation and noise/light blocking. They can be mounted on the surface or be included organically in new building construction. They have the high quality strength, durability and stability for hurricane force winds and their security protection is also strong.

They have the advantage of either manual or motorized operation which extends their flexibility in operation. They are great for reducing light exposure and they can also block noise at levels up to 70%. Better insulation can also mean savings on heating and cooling energy costs. They are flexible and suitable for almost any opening including difficult to reach areas.

Storm Panels

Aluminum storm panels are your friend in a hurricane or severe weather event. They are a cost effective way to protect your property from hurricane force winds. They are corrugated aluminum panels that are strong but light weight and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The vertical mount is the more common installation with a recessed opening that uses a flat area around a window or a door and has no obstacles that would get in the way.

If there is a sill that sticks out on either a window or a door then a horizontal installation is used. Aluminum Storm Panels add an important element of safety and protection to your valuable property and can add value as a desirable feature as well. And while they may not have the range of options available for Accordion shutters and Roll-up shutters, they make up for it as the least expensive but effective solution.

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